Review on The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer

The Carb Nite Solution Review

The Carb Nite Solution, written by John Kiefer, is a different program for those who have been struggling to be in shape. Despite what many other similar programs set out to claim, this program is not for those who are looking for an easy way out.

John Kiefer, a nutritionist and an exercise scientist who was also a former physicist stressed in his book that The Carb Nite Solution requires discipline in order for you to achieve the best result. Because John has spent decades on studying the physics of human body’s mechanism, the fight to a stronger and fitter you doesn’t only lie in how well-developed or how well-researched the program is but from how determined are you to stick to it.

Having spent his time studying and researching over 20,000 scientific journals and more than 1700 supporting research papers, John finally managed to come up with the best solution to a better and healthier you through his book.

Does The Carb Nite Solution Work?

So What Is The Carb Nite Solution All About?

First and foremost, John explained how many people are desperate to be in the race of losing weight but neglect the most important fact of all – misunderstanding the difference between weight loss and fat loss.

This is a program that is not about losing weight but a system that guides and teaches you on how to lose body fat while maintaining your muscle mass.

Many extreme diet programs work to make you lose both fat and weight loss. The reason why you shouldn’t do this is because losing fat and weight at the same time means you’re shedding the important muscle cells that you need in order to be healthy. These muscle cells help to repair your body as well as sculpt it into the chiseled shape that everyone is looking for.

Through The Carb Nite Solution, you will learn how to reset your metabolism through the food you eat so that only your body fat will be shed. This way, your body is not stressed to produce extra energy to compensate for the muscle cells that you lost. According to John’s research, bodily stress caused by overexerting your system will only increase the hormones that produce fat cells and make you gain more weight faster should you discontinue that wrong workout plan.

John explains this in detail under the chapter Often Ignored Hazards in his weight loss book.

When you use the wrong diet plan, you will not only increase your chances of gaining more weight should you stop using that plan, it will also cause your hormones to reverse their natural purpose. This is the reason why this is a detailed program that explains the science behind fat loss so you will be able to understand what you should and should not do in order to get the body that you want.

Is The Carb Nite Solution a Scam?

In his program, John shares with you a list of food that you should never eat, as these are the causes of increased insulin amount in your body that will hamper your progress in losing fat. Having said that, John has designed his program so that you will be able to take advantage of your body’s natural weekly hormonal rhythms and eat whatever you want on this day.

His 10-Day Calibration helps you to time these hormonal changes so that you’re able to restore the energy and carbohydrates that you have lost in the earlier 9 days of your diet plan. To do this, John guides you on the right techniques so that you don’t mess up what you have already worked for. He explains in detail the reason why this can help you lose body fat instead gaining it, as claimed by many low-carb dieters out there.

As an exercise scientist and a nutritionist, John is able to design a system that combines several hormone levels to kill off your fat cells. The Carb Nite Solution resets your hormones so they will work at their best to help you shed fat and maintain your muscle. John calls this technique Riding the Wave, as you will be guided as to how you should time what you eat so you will be able to burn fat even while you sleep. When your metabolism has been reset and is now at its most efficient, your body will turn into a fat burning machine even without any workout.

Unlike many other diet programs that limit you from eating your favorite food, this weight loss program found the better and healthier way to enjoy your favorite meal while still making your body lose the stubborn fat. This isn’t as absurd as it may sound to traditional dieters who believe in swearing off all carb-packed food. John clearly explains in his book why doing the opposite will actually help you better.

How To Lose Weight Easily?

Ready To Lose That Fat?

If your diet plan has been making you lose your fat but also robbed you of your energy from all the muscle cells you have lost, then The Carb Nite Solution is the healthier alternative you should try. You will understand why what you have been doing all this while never seemed to permanently keep the fat off from piling up again and thus, almost always make you want to give up.

This program will help you lose the unsightly fat but also helps you to maintain your muscle mass so that you’re able to build it into your dream body. John promises you that once you follow his plan (and stick to it), you will see the fat shed off as early as in 2 weeks’ time. However, he also realizes that perhaps his plan will not work for everyone or simply it is not what you think you want. That is why John is offering a 60-Day money back guarantee of your purchase should you feel his book is not working for you.

But at $27 for a secret on how to lose fat and keep your muscle, you don’t have nothing much to lose. Except maybe for that bulge in your belly that’s actually hiding a chiseled abs.